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Discerning God

Posted on 6/7/2017 by SuperUser Account in Luke Acts

Mother’s Day, as you may know, was founded after lengthy efforts by Anna Jarvis to recognize her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis. Anne Reeves Jarvis was an advocate for mothers. She founded “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” which were an early form of parenting classes. These clubs evolved into a resource for Civil War soldiers and their families. And after the war, Jarvis created a “Mothers’ Friendship Day” (1868) which was an effort to unify the North and the South through mothers.

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Welcomed In

Posted on 5/7/2017 by SuperUser Account in Acts

My dear husband has quite a tendency to talk to anyone and everyone. That will become relevant later on. At our wedding reception, my mom pulled me over to the side and pointed across the room. “Who are those people?” she asked. Across the room from us was a young couple, very nicely dressed, chatting with others at their table like we had known them many years. They were not on the guest list, and had not received a printed invitation. But there they were.

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The Kingdom of Life

Posted on 4/30/2017 by SuperUser Account in Acts

We have been in the Gospel of Luke for a long time, and today we read our first passage from the book of Acts where we will be for a few short Sundays between now and June 4. Acts was written by the Gospel writer Luke - - a sequel to Luke of sorts, and it is focused on the life of the early church. < / br>The Narrative Lectionary that we are following gives us a huge chunk of text today; much of Chapter 6 and much of Chapter 7. You may find it helpful to pull out a pew Bible and find these passages.

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A Whole New Thing

Posted on 4/16/2017 by SuperUser Account

Paul’s story starts out with two questions. What would you do for the person you loved the most? And what would you do for a complete stranger?

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Passed Over

Posted on 4/13/2017 by SuperUser Account

On this day of Holy Week last year, mid-morning, about 10:30 a.m., my family and I stood on a beach on the northern coast of Puerto Rico in bright, hot sun.

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Today You Will Be With Me

Posted on 4/10/2017 by SuperUser Account in Luke John

Today You Will Be With Me
I Am Thirsty
It Is Finished

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On Hope

Posted on 4/9/2017 by SuperUser Account

“We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope.” Those are the words of encouragement that Jyn, the lead character in the newest Star Wars film, Rogue One, offers as Rebel Alliance leaders ponder their options against the evil Empire. “We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope.”

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Seek and Save

Posted on 4/2/2017 by SuperUser Account

Maybe you have shared dinner with someone because you worked with them, or maybe your spouse worked with them. We often end up eating with people that my husband works with. Sometimes they are great dinners and sometimes painfully boring. One of the best of these meals was with a couple who were quite fun, and who shared a story from very shortly after they were married. They told us that one day they decided to go for a walk at John Bryan State Park one afternoon. (Let me also share with you that they are not from this area.) They were headed down a trail or path when the husband looked ahead and said, “Oh look, there is a dog on the trail.” And his wife said, “Why would there be a dog on the trail?” And then the husband looked again and then he just yelled, “It’s not a dog! It’s a wolf! Run!” So they started running, but the husband could run faster than his wife, and was pulling ahead. He looked back over his shoulder at her. She was exhausted and panicking; “what am I supposed to do?” she asked. “Climb a tree!” he answered her, “Everyone for themselves!”

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Posted on 3/26/2017 by SuperUser Account in Luke Deuteronomy Leviticus

We interpret many things differently depending on who we are and how we perceive the world. For example, the yellow light on a traffic light. Some of us, the wisest of us, interpret the yellow light as “caution, slow down”. Others see the yellow light and press down on the gas, interpreting the light as “speed up”, sure that they can make it to the other side of the intersection, even if the light is “orange”.

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Mercy and Judgement

Posted on 3/12/2017 by SuperUser Account in Luke

We’ve skipped over a couple of chapters from where we read last week. Jesus continues on the way to Jerusalem. And as he travels, he is intent on trying to teach the disciples everything that they need to know, everything that he has shared with them but they still have not understood - - he is trying to pack it all in. His teachings continue to a crowd in our reading this morning where the passage begins with two current events - - headlines of sorts.

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