Bellbrook Presbyterian Church

72 West Franklin St., Bellbrook, OH 45305

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Sunday Service Join Us At 10 AM

Worship Times

We welcome all who come to worship the Lord with us through reflection, introspection, and celebration.Bellbrook Presbyterian Church is a small friendly, family-style, casual atmosphere, and traditional service church. We welcome those of all ages and backgrounds.

Worship Times- Sunday 10:00am

Fellowship Time/Refreshments 11:00am

Fellowship Hour at Bellbrook Presbyterian Church

Welcome to Bellbrook Presbyterian Church

Fellowship Hour at Bellbrook Presbyterian Church

We understand that humans have many needs. Please feel free to take your child to the nursery, restroom, or drinking fountain during the service. The layout of our church makes it difficult to reach these areas without walking to the front of the worries. We do it all the time. Your doing it is okay, too.

We hope you enjoy your worship with us, and will return again and again.

Please join us for an opportunity to socialize and meet each other over cake and coffee in our Fellowship Hall following the service